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What is Christian Counseling? The Bible addresses the struggles and pain in the human heart, and it provides the precise diagnosis to deal with each of those struggles. Biblical counseling seeks to draw out those cures from God's Word and inject them into the human soul with the goal of seeing men and women healed and restored to the honor and glory of God.


2. Be honest. You must be willing to be open and honest if you truly want to be healed, or else you are helping no one.

3. You will not be allowed to use profanity of any sort. Some people don't say the actual words but spell it out. This is absolutely not allowed.

4. You are not allowed to slander anyone you are talking about. If you must talk about another person, don't slander them.

5. Counseling will entail instruction in righteousness, so that means that you will not be doing all the talking. Once the counselor has a basic understanding of the problem, you will be interrupted.

6. If you choose to lose control of yourself, talk over the counselor, start shouting, try to take charge of the session, or exhibit any other disruptive behavior, your counseling will be immediately terminated.

7. You will not be allowed to bring anyone with you who is not part of the counseling session.

8. No unholy materials will be permitted on the property. (For example, horoscope, magazines, videos, etc.)

9. You will be expected to dress modestly. The term "modest" as it relates to clothing, is defined as "not revealing or emphasizing a person's figure." In addition, clothing with profanity, nudity, or unholy symbols is not allowed.

10. Please do not wear any perfumes/cologne or body fragrances to the sessions.

11. The counseling offered by Rebekah Prewitt and/or Billy Prewitt is Bible based Christian Counseling and is an extension of Church ministry. As such, the principles provided in the Bible will not only be the basis for counsel but also for the practice of the counselors. Strict confidentiality is not guaranteed. It may be necessary for counselors to discuss cases amongst themselves, and in such cases, the counselors retain the right to do so. Any statements made regarding the intent to harm self or others or commit crime will be taken seriously and reported to the appropriate agency.

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